Capturing the History of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Share and record your memories, good and bad, for posterity.
The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented disruption of society. We have much to grapple with. Covid Stories Archive aims to collect and archive our experiences for perpetuity so we can reckon with this unprecedented time.
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Why Your Stories Are Important
Each of us has had a personal and unique experience with Covid and the response. Your stories matter. We need you to tell them in your own words so that journalists, historians, scholars and all of us can remember this time accurately. This is an opportunity for you to be heard and to become part of the historical memory.
How It Works
You submit your story.
We hold onto it, categorize it and archive it.
The archives will be made available, free of charge, to researchers, journalists, historians, scholars, students, etc.
Our American Covid Story will be told and preserved for posterity.
About This
submission submission is the effort of a cross-section of people in America. The purpose is to help you tell your stories and be a part of the history of this time as we come to understand it.

We are currently in the beta stage, improving our story collection process and database. This is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, meaning your donations are tax deductible. We hope to make the Covid Stories Archive available for any and all researchers in the near future.